Property Title Transfer in Thailand

Transfer of Property in Thailand

Real estate taxes in Thailand are lower than in the West. In addition, the property transfer fee is only 2% of the property’s estimated value. And, if you’re renting out your property, tenants in Pattaya can be very good tenants. Then, you can enjoy lower property taxes and a lower cost of living. Due Diligence […]

Property Contract Review in Thailand

Contract Review in Thailand

If you’re in the process of buying property in Thailand, you should have your contract reviewed by a property lawyer. Besides helping protect your interests, property lawyers can also help you make amendments to the contract. It is important to remember that any amendments must be incorporated into the contract. After the seller has made […]

Property Title Search in Thailand

Property Title Search Thailand

A Property Title Search in Thailand can give you a lot of information about the ownership history of your property. It can also help you determine whether the seller is the true owner of the property and if there are any liens or other encumbrances on the property. Traditionally, all land in Thailand was owned […]

Due Diligence in Thailand

Property Due Diligence in Thailand

If you’re thinking of buying a property in Thailand, due diligence is an essential component. This process involves checking the title of the property and looking for any legal defects. Thailand’s title system is based on the registration of title and any errors can have legal implications. Due diligence is important to protect yourself and […]